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Friday, July 20, 2018   /   by Terri Bias

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

It’s summertime and the living is easy, right? Well, maybe not for those of you looking to sell your home. Stress can set in as you see clutter, lots of personal belongings, and marks on the walls. When it comes to selling your home, here are 5 tips to increase the likelihood of a quick sell.

(source: patch.com)
The less of it there is, the better. A clean, organized home will help a potential buyer see more a “staged” home that could belong to anyone, rather than a home with all of your family photos, clothes and knickknacks out front and center. Even if you are still living in the property during the process, make sure clothes are organized, and depersonalize the home as much as possible.
It doesn’t have to be super fancy. Even a new mailbox or a freshly painted front door can change so much about a home. The outside of the home is what the buyer sees first. It is impo ...

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Thursday, June 28, 2018   /   by Terri Bias

FHA vs Conventional Loan

A house is an expensive purchase. For most people, houses are likely to be the largest purchases you will ever make. Even when needing only 20% of the cost, that can still be a very large sum of money. There is another choice. The FHA loan is a government backed option that will help reduce the amount of money you will need upfront in order to purchase a house. The lower upfront costs comes some extra hoops to jump through however.

Before deciding if an FHA is worth consideration, let’s quickly breakdown the main points of a normal loan. A normal loan typically requires a higher credit score (620 or above is a good rule of thumb) and a 20% down payment. A $100k house would mean you need $20k (you’ll need more for closing costs and other fees, but as far as purely going to the mortgage that’s all you need). The FHA is a tad more complicated.

The pros:

-The most well-known pro of the FHA loan is the lower down payment. An FHA loan can be a cheap as ...

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018   /   by Terri Bias

Should you buy a new house or and older house?

Is it better to purchase a brand spanking new house or one that has some mileage? The answer isn’t necessarily black and white for everyone. There are many things to consider while figuring out where you want to start planting your roots.

The Pros of a new house:

It’s probably not going to break and if it does you’re covered. It is less likely things will break because everything is, well, new. Most new homes also come with a warranty, meaning in the off chance something does break, you’re more than likely covered.

It’s easier to renovate when it’s still on paper. If you want to add rooms to your home, it’s a lot easier to erase and redraw some lines on a blueprint than it is to figure out how to attach a room to a fully constructed house.

Your bills will probably be cheaper. New technology usually means more efficient products. Better insulation, more energy efficient light bulbs, toilets that use less water, etc all mean ...

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Thursday, February 1, 2018   /   by Terri Bias

Tips for New Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time is exciting. You are finally ready to get a chunk of land to call your own. With the excitement though can come some unforeseen hurdles. As with anything new, there can be some hurdles that can cause some problems if not prepared for. Below are 4 tips to be aware of when buying your first house.

1.     Figure out what you can afford.

You don’t want to put all that effort into purchasing your dream home only to have it blow a hole straight through your bank account. A good rule of thumb is that the cost should be roughly double your gross income.  For example, if you make $50k a year (either separate or combined with a spouse) then you could afford payments on a $100k house.

If you are currently renting somewhere, you can also use a mortgage payment calculator online. Most of the time the payment for a mortgage will be cheaper than most rents. If you can afford rent, you will probably be ok on a mortgage.

2. ...

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017   /   by Terri Bias

Fall Leaves Bring Sold Signs

Summer has come to an end and you probably are thinking you've lost the opportunity to sell, and need to wait till next summer. But that's far from the truth! Although it's not as hectic and crazy with the swarm of buyers on the market, the fall season brings out the most serious of lookers. They are the pool of buyers that waited out the summer frenzy to find their perfect home in the fall, and you don't want to miss these buyers! They are ready to make a move, today! And selling in a slower period does not equate to less money. That's a misconception that home owners have based on untrue data that floats around. With the right agent, and your home being priced correctly, you can get a great deal selling your home during the fall season. And might actually prefer it. Here are the top 3 benefits to listing during the fall season.
1. Serious Buyers - Let's be honest, if buyers are out during the busy season, looking for homes, they are serious and ready to buy. Although the summer ...

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